Michelle Meagher

Photo Credit: Rita Platts

Author & Lawyer

Author of Competition Is Killing Us (Penguin Business), a book about corporate power and accountability and the myths embedded in free market capitalism and shareholder primacy, which was chosen by Martin Wolf at the Financial Times as a Best Economics Book of 2020, and shortlisted for the Financial Times and McKinsey Bracken Bower prize in 2018

Released 10 September 2020

Competition Is Killing Us

A Financial Times Best Economics Book of the Year 2020

UK- and US- qualified lawyer specialising in competition law and corporate governance (LinkedIn)

Co-founder of the Balanced Economy Project, a global anti-monopoly movement

Co-founder of the Inclusive Competition Forum, a think tank promoting inclusive competition policy

Senior Policy Fellow at the UCL Centre for Law, Economics and Society

Member of the Corporate Governance Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Fighting nationalism with a fork with the SomewhereEats project

Competition Is Killing Us

Consulting / Freelance Work

I offer consulting / freelance work to NGOs, think tanks, governments and selected other clients. Previous clients include: B Lab UK, Oxfam Germany, Tomorrow's Company, Frank Bold, Bates Wells, Foundation for European Progressive Studies. Please contact me using the link below if you would like to discuss a project.

Academic Papers

Corporate Law, Antitrust, and the History of Democratic Control of the Balance of Power (early draft, June 2020)

Economic Democracy and Market Power co-authored with Zoë Hitzig, Glen Weyl and Andre Veiga (April 2020)

Powerless Antitrust (December 2019)

Media Writing

Australia’s move to tame Facebook and Google is just the start of a global battle op-ed in The Guardian (February 2021)

Post-Brexit Britain will have to do better than this to curb the power of big tech op-ed in The Guardian (December 2020)

Monopoly power is running wild. We need tough competition laws to rein it in op-ed in The Guardian (September 2020)

Fifty years of shareholder value have swollen monopoly power op-ed in the Financial Times (September 2020)

They ride for you for Vittles (April 2020)

Shareholders won’t be the ones that save us a letter in the FT (October 2019)

We can't rely on corporations to reform themselves – we must challenge their power for OpenDemocracy(September 2019)

When will Uber feel the techlash? co-written with Marshall Steinbaum for Unherd (June 2019)

How to fix Uber co-written with Charmian Love for Wired (September 2017)

Interviews, Media Quotes, Book Reviews

Cory Doctorow (Jan 2021)

ProMarket Best Political Economy Books 2020 (Dec 2020)

Piedras de papel 13 libros para despedir el 2020 (Dec 2020)

Nicolás Rivero, Quartz (Dec 2020)

Robert Bateman, Digital Privacy News (Dec 2020)

Martin Wolf Financial Times Best Economics Books 2020 (Nov 2020)

John Thornhill, Financial Times (Nov 2020)

Irish Tech News (Nov 2020)

Politico (Sept 2020)

CommonWealth (July 2020)

Commentary, Speeches & Talks

I frequently appear as a commentator on national broadcast media (TV and radio) (Sky News, Channel 5 News, LBC, Times Radio, TalkRadio - Julia Hartley-Brewer)

On lots of outlets talking about my book: Pitchfork Economics, the Tax Justice Network Podcast, the nef podcast, the RSA, PenguinLivexLRBBookshop with Grace Blakeley, the Bunker Podcast, BBC Newcastle, Intelligence Squared, The Conduit, Irish Tech News

I give regular talks and presentations at academic events, conferences and seminars (Yale, Harvard, UCL, Glasgow, Strathclyde, ASCOLA Latin America, OECD, Global Competition Review).

I was invited to give a talk at the UK Competition and Markets Authority as part of their Distinguished Speaker series, chaired by the CEO of the CMA (Nov 2020). I presented at the American Bar Association Antitrust Spring Meeting 2021.

At the Arrell Food Summit (Nov 2020)

At CogXtra talking about recovery & resilience (Sept 2020)

For RadicalXChange on empire, the East India Company, Black Lives matter, stakeholder representation and the future of the corporation (June 2020)

For Westminster Business Forum on Preventing future failures in auditing and financial reporting - the new regulator, ensuring standards and the future shape of the auditing market (December 2019)

For Women@Competition about “The future shape and direction of competition policy” and Facebook (July 2019) (write-up here)

Or find me on Twitter @michmeagher